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Adderini - Summary

I hope you can build your own Adderini based on my pretty detailed instructions. It's not particularly complicated, but it does require patience and some manual skills.

This is by far the most complicated of my designs. It took many many hours of designing and solving various problems along the way. It is a compromise between the size of the pistol, magazine capacity, length and durability of the cocking lever and the decent power. The shared STL files are the fifth version of the project.

It's a 3D printed toy, so it's not very strong, but it's definitely fun.

Some good advice:

  • remember about your safety and the safety of others during DIY works and using this device
  • use only good-quality and undamaged parts and bolts
  • regularly check the condition of the bowstring serving
  • before starting the shooting, check the condition of the entire device, in particular the tightening of the screws and the condition of the 3D printed parts
  • to prevent jamming and damaging the device, before firing the first shot, make sure that only one arrow is in the string slot and arrow guide
  • if you not shooting, store the pistol with the folded slingshot arms to extend the life of the rubber
  • do not expose PLA printouts to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, because they may be permanently deformed

I would like to thank my beta testers who helped me improve many things on the device.

I would like to thank Jörg Sprave for his inventions, help, good word and inspiration to act. Without him, this project would certainly not have been possible. Ł.J.