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Sliding Legolini - STL files

Sliding Legolini STL files map

This is a map of the project STL files. I think that this will greatly facilitate the selection of appropriate files for printing. As you can see, the basic version consists of 13 parts. Some of these parts may be replaced by others.

If you are left-handed you must mirror bow_grip and bow_arm in the slicer program and use mirrored_bow_slider_for_left_handed. You should also mirror the optional_red_dot_adapter if you use it. The rest of the files will be printed without mirroring.

STL files back_grip_part1, back_grip_part2 and release are available in 3 different sizes. You can choose the right one for the size of your hand. In the basic version it is the medium size, which is the most universal. As an option, the "optional_small_..." version is available for children, younger teens and women with smaller hands, and the "optional_large_..." version for people with larger hands.

If you live in Germany, you should print special german_magazine_part1 with a custom 16 mm rail and dedicated "german_" adapters for a regular 15x68 mm round laser. All because in this country a laser intended for weapons mounted on a standard 11 or 22 mm rail is illegal.

If you have a 3D printer with a larger print bed, you can print magazine_part1 and magazine_part2 as one part using STL file combined_magazine_part1+2, or if you live in Germany german_combined_magazine_part1+2.

If you do not want to print standard bow parts with integrated hooks (bow_arm, bow_grip) because you are afraid of damaging the parts during their separation after printing (for example low cooling - PETG or ABS), you can use STL files with the prefix "separated_". In this case, you need to use additional supports in the slicer to print these parts separately.

If you want Legolini to be more compact and slightly stronger, you can print "slingbow_" arms and grip. This is experimental version and I recommend making a basic version because the rest of the part is not optimized for this slingbow version.