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Sliding Legolini - Summary

Performance test conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: 22 degrees Celsius (no wind - all measurements were taken in a closed room)
  • Draw weight measuring device: electronic luggage scale
  • Arrow speed measuring device: cheap chronograph
  • All tests carried out using the same rubber lengths and similar rope lengths
  • Polypropylene rope used: 3 mm in diameter on the sides and 3.5 mm in diameter in the middle part

Tests and results took almost the whole day, but I hope to clear up all doubts about the performance of Sliding Legolini.

Draw weight test results

Draw weight measurement performed several times, the result in the table is the average value from several tests rounded to the full lbs value.

Legolini draw weight

As you can see in the Slingbow version, the draw weight increases significantly, over 30%. Will it affect the speed results?

Speed test results

Each arrow speed result is an average of 6 shots (full magazine). In the Basic version, the first chronograph gate was set just after the arrow guide. In the Slingbow version, the first chronograph gate was moved about 10 cm from the arrow guide outlet.

Below are the results for 3 different types of arrows divided into two Legolini versions (Basic/Slingbow) and 3 different rubbers (Thera-Band tube).

Sliding Legolini - performance with ver. A bolts (plastic shaft)
Sliding Legolini - performance with ver. A bolts (aluminum shaft)
Sliding Legolini - performance with ver. B bolts

The results are quite interesting. As you can see, the arrow speeds in the Slingbow version increase disproportionately to the early measured draw weight. There is no noticeable increase in speed for blue rubber. Black rubber is a little better. The best performance gain is in the case of silver rubber. In addition, it must be said that blue rubber is not suitable for the Slingbow version, because it is too thin, not durable and does not give an increase in performance.

Best performance

The following is a summary of the best average performance results using Thera-Band tube silver. In addition, I tested the Basic version with 0.5 cm shorter rubber (6.0 cm on each side).

Sliding Legolini - best performance

The slingbow version with silver rubber is the most effective. The maximum arrow speed that was achieved during the test was 156.2 fps (47.6 m/s) with the cheapest plastic bolt. The highest shot energy achieved is 8.4 Joules.

The Slingbow version is slightly stronger, but due to the nonoptimal geometry of Legolini, it increases rubber wear and is more unreliable. I have to say that the Basic version is my favorite. It looks cool, has good performance, ensures long rubber life and reliable operation. That being said, I recommend printing and using the basic version. Even with black rubber it ensures a high fun factor. With the use of silver rubber we already have a pretty nice little weapon.

Serving string is necessary to extend the life of the string and ensure reliable bow operation.