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SIL hybrid bow - What you need?

Detailed instruction on how to make this SIL hybrid bow can be found in the file:
Read it all before you start doing anything! Make sure you have the latest version of this file.

To build SIL hybrid bow you must have:

  • EK Archery Assassin / Exterminator compound bow (for SIL it can be without accessories)
  • FDM 3D printer with a heatbed of at least 210 x 210 mm
  • about 0.6 kg of PLA or PETG filament
  • hacksaw, precision files, 180-240 sandpaper
  • table drill (recommended) or hand drill
  • wrenches, screwdrivers, sharp knife
  • CA glue, serving tool, serving thread, string wax, silicone/PTFE grease
  • cheap laser sight or red dot sight (without this it's hard to shoot accurately)

SIL hybrid:

  • 4 aluminum anodized profiles - 20x10x2 mm angles 700 mm long
  • 1 piece of M3x10 mm countersunk screw
  • 9 pieces M3x10 mm screws with flat round head (+2 pcs for german_laser_mount)
  • 13 pieces M3x12 mm (round)
  • 9 pieces M3x16 mm (round)
  • 1 piece M3x20 mm (round)
  • 2 pieces M3x25 mm (countersunk)
  • 2 pieces M3x25 mm (round)
  • 1 piece M3x30 mm (hex)
  • 5 pieces M3x35 mm (round)
  • 36 pieces M3 nut (+2 pcs for german_laser_mount)
  • 2 pieces M3 small thumb nut from 3D printer heatbed
  • 2 pieces M5 nut
  • 1 piece of steel spring with a outer diameter 8 mm, length 20 mm and wire diameter 0.8-1.0 mm (for release trigger part)
  • 1 piece of steel spring with a outer diameter 8 mm, length 20 mm and wire diameter 1.0-1.2 mm (magazine_spring_lever) - 3D printer extruder spring 7.5x20x1.2 mm is also OK
  • 1 small steel spring (from a clicky pen) with a outer diameter 4.2 mm, length 20-25 mm (half of the spring for magazine_pivot_lock and half for magazine_part1)
  • if you are printing german_laser_mount, you also need half a small spring as above.
  • 1 steel ball with a diameter of 5 mm

Bow adapter:

  • 3 pieces OpenBuilds Dual V Wheel
  • 3 pieces OpenBuilds 5 mm Bore Eccentric Spacers for V Wheel
  • 3 pieces M5x50 mm screws (round head)
  • 3 pieces M5 nut
  • 3 pieces M5 washer (outer diameter about 15 mm)
  • 2 pieces M8 washer (outer diameter about 16 mm)
  • 2 pieces 5/16" UNF 1" length screw (for EK Archery Assassin / Exterminator threaded holes)

Bow thumb screws:

  • 2 pieces M5 nut
  • 2 pieces M5x50 mm (hex)
Below are links to buy some hardware parts that are necessary to build and use a bow. These are not affiliate links and are only intended to help you find the right parts. If you know proven sources in your country, please send me links to them by email and I will try to put them here to help others.

Complete Hardware Kit

Aluminum anodized profiles - 20x10x2 mm angles


Steel Spring for release


Steel Spring for magazine_spring_lever


Thumb M3 nuts


5/16" UNF 1" length screws


OpenBuilds 5 mm Bore Eccentric Spacers for V Wheel


OpenBuilds Dual V Wheel


Laser sight


Flashlight with laser sight


Red dot sight


15" Bolts / Arrows


Archery mat


Serving tool


Serving thread


String wax