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Sliding Legolini - Gadgets & more

I present to you the most interesting projects (in my subjective opinion) for Sliding Legolini.
You can find all the others here.
Many thanks to all designers.

Front draw holder by Martin100000

This little accessory is mounted on a picatinny rail. It allows you to keep the string tension with the hand holding the bow. Makes it easier to aim and precisely shoot.

Legolini draw holder

Bolts holder by breshikovsky

This accessory mounted on the bow_arm allows you to mount 6 additional arrows on each side of the bow. A very useful gadget.

Legolini bolts holder

Stand for Sliding Legolini by TechTobi83

Cool looking and practical stand for Legolini.

Legolini stand

Adjustable adapter for 15 mm diameter laser by TechTobi83

If you own a 15 mm diameter laserpointer and you want to adjust the point in X and Y direction to mark the target exactly, you will need this!

Legolini adjustable laser adapter

Pistol grip by blecheimer

If you don't like the standard back grip, you can print this pistol grip.

Legolini pistol grip

Simple stand for Sliding Legolini by ttoommeekk

Practical stand for Legolini and ammo clips. Works only with this addon.

Legolini simple stand

Double rubber mod by ez_diy_technics

This addon allows you to mount a double rubber to the Sliding Legolini. Drawing is harder but shoots much more powerful.

Legolini double rubber mod