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Sliding Legolini - What you need?

Detailed instruction on how to make this mini bow can be found in the file:
Read it all before you start doing anything! Make sure you have the latest version of this file.

To build such a bow you must have:

  • FDM 3D printer with a heatbed of at least 200 x 200 mm
  • About 0.5 kg of PLA filament (for basic version)
  • 15 pieces of M3x20 mm Allen screws
  • 15 pieces M3 nuts
  • 2 pieces M3x16 mm screws with flat round head
  • 1 piece M4x40 mm Allen screw
  • 1 piece M4 nut
  • 3 pieces of steel springs with a outer diameter 8 mm, length 20 mm and wire diameter 0.8 mm
  • I recommend 8x20x0.8mm springs, but all springs 7-8 mm in external diameter, 19-22 mm in length and 0.7-0.9 mm wire diameter should work. You can also buy longer springs and cut them to the right length.
  • at least 50 cm (2x15 cm + 1x20 cm) polypropylene rope with a diameter of 3 mm
  • It can also be a 3.5 mm or 4 mm diameter rope.
  • 14 cm (2x7 cm) Thera-Band tube black (or silver) rubber
  • I recommend good quality Thera-Band rubbers, but other similar ones can be used.
  • 4 pieces of zip ties with a width of 3.6 mm
  • It can also be a thread for bow strings instead of zip ties.
  • cheap laser sight with total length up to 58 mm and 22 mm rail mounting (without this it's hard to shoot fast and accurately)
  • For the "German" version you must use a regular 15x68 mm round laser.
  • round file with a diameter of 4.8 mm and a length of 200 mm, precision files, 180-240 sandpaper
  • This is for example a cheap file for sharpening chainsaw chain.
  • Allen wrenches, small screwdriver, sharp knife, lighter
  • two-component epoxy adhesive or CA glue (for gluing 3 magazine parts)

Optional stuff:

  • silicone/PTFE lubricant
  • To reduce friction on the rail between bow parts.
  • red dot sight
  • For easier aiming on sunny days.
  • serving tool, thread and wax
  • To increase the durability of the string.
Below are links to buy some hardware parts that are necessary to build and use a bow. These are not affiliate links and are only intended to help you find the right parts. If you know proven sources in your country, please send me links to them by email and I will try to put them here to help others.

Complete Hardware Kit

DE, DE (worldwide shipping), UK (also EU), US, US ("Deluxe set"),

Steel Springs


Thera-Band tube black rubber

Thera-Band tube silver rubber


Laser sight


Red dot sight


Bolts/Arrows for Ammo Clip ver. A - plastic


Bolts/Arrows for Ammo Clip ver. A - aluminum

PL, DE (worldwide shipping), CN,

Bolts/Arrows for Ammo Clip ver. B


Bolts/Arrows for Ammo Clip ver. C

Hunting Bolts/Arrows


Archery mat


Serving tool


Serving thread


String wax