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Sliding Legolini - Changelog

History of changes in the project

2021.02.17 New adapter for Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 Compound Bow. Modified adapter for Junxing M125 compound bow with straight rod. List of all compatible bows and available adapters here.
2021.01.17 New adapter for Junxing M125 compound bow, also known as the Predator Archery Raptor, Spot On Rogue and Greyback. Greyback bow is also available for left-handers.
2020.11.09 New adapter for EK Archery (POE LANG) Rex Compound Bow.
2020.10.29 Premiere of Jörg's video about most expensive compound bow set and SIL hybrid bow
2020.10.04 Premiere of SIL hybrid - Pump-Action Repeating Bow with Ammo Clips
2020.09.16 Ammo Clip for SIL hybrid bow is ready. Basic info here.
SIL Ammo Clip Picture
2020.09.06 The final version of the SIL hybrid bow is ready. I'm working on a PDF with building instructions. A set of STL files and instructions will be available soon. You can see basic informations and photos of the project here.
SIL hybrid bow
2020.07.14 Coming soon...
SIL hybrid bow
This is my fully working prototype of Jörg's SIL bow. Several hundred shots fired and I didn't notice any problems in action. After making some minor changes to the design, it will be available on the website. Probably next month.
2020-06-12 I did detailed Sliding Legolini performance tests in two versions (Basic/Slingbow) with 3 different types of bolts and 3 different types of Thera-Band rubbers as a power source.
Check test results.
2020-05-23 Moving the project from Thingiverse to a dedicated website. Thingiverse has removed/blocked the project page. More info about it on Thingiverse.
2020-04-25 Modified and updated ("_v2") STL files with prefix "slingbow_". This is still experimental version.
2020-04-21 Updated ("_v2") STL files with prefix "slingbow_". Do not print the previous version!
This is still experimental version. After testing on stronger rubber, it turned out that the magazine body is not able to stop the string and can be damaged. I extended the slider which will now stop the string after the shot. I also extended slingbow arms a bit, so the bow will be even stronger. Slingbow_arms must now be printed diagonally on smaller printers.
2020-04-18 Added STL files with prefix "slingbow_". This is experimental version.
Thanks to this Legolini is now more compact. Draw weight increased by about 20-25% and I think the arrow's initial speed also increased significantly, but I don't have a chronograph to measure it. Please read updated PDF file before printing. This is based on Jörg Sprave idea:"Designing the best slingbow on the planet?"
2020-03-25 Added STL file "mirrored_bow_slider_for_left_handed" Updated Sliding_Legolini_Bow.pdf. Some issues have been clarified.
2020-03-24 Added STL files with prefix "separated_". If you do not want to print standard bow parts with integrated hooks (bow_arm, bow_grip) because you are afraid of damaging the parts during their separation after printing,
2020-03-22 Updated Sliding_Legolini_Bow.pdf. To increase the life expectancy of a string, I recommend using an additional heat shrink tube. In a simple way, such a piece of shrink tube significantly extends the life of the string and increases the reliability of the bow.
2020-03-20 Added "combined_magazine_part1+2" STL file. If you have a 3D printer with a larger print bed you can only print this part instead of magazine_part1 and magazine_part2.
2020-03-19 Added "German" version of STL file magazine_part1 with a custom 16 mm rail and dedicated "german_" adapters for a regular 15x68 mm round laser. All because in this country a laser intended for weapons mounted on a standard 11 mm or 22 mm rail is illegal.
2020-03-14 Publication of the project on Thingiverse